The following list is comprised of some of the goals we have set to achieve once elected:


The benefit system will be revised for those not in work.

Childcare benefits will go to a flat-rate where parents can claim the support but the money will be paid directly to the care provider/ institution.

There will be a single childcare register containing transparent details of the parents income and where a child is receiving childcare. This will prevent fraud.

Parents will have the power to choose which institution their child attends to receive childcare and/or education. The funds for each child will follow them through the education system.


Children in care

We seek to eliminate the current failures where children within the care system are known to run away from home and end up on the street.


Claw-back scheme

There will be a claw-back scheme where funds are 'clawed back' from those friends and family members of funders or individuals in a position of authority who unfairly/fraudulently received money.

Where services have been deliberately run badly then those in charge must pay back that money lost through 'Claw-back.'

We will be lobbying for council members and family members of council employees not to run charities as this can lead to personal gain of the trustees and directors rather than the citizens. It is detrimental to preventing extreme corruption with no accountability to the loss of tax-payers funds and leads to the deprivation of the most vulnerable in society.


Criminal charges will be brought against organisations which deliberately defraud through financial services and products. All goods and products must have a guarantee that they will work for a minimum of 5 years or manufacturers must absorb the cost to fix or replace the product. This will help low income families who often get placed into dept because of corporate fraud.


Defence operations

Coastal lines will not be left to slip into the ocean.

Concrete will be used to protect coastal areas.

Where areas have fallen into the ocean then we will stipulate flood areas.

We will stipulate flood areas.

Investment and reclaim of the land from the elements will be introduced as a national benefit.

Energy will be harnessed from the sea near to where erosion occurs as these are hotspots that provide energy for local communities.

Sea defence will form part of the defence of the UK where needed.

There will be the system of interlocking chambers to form part of the defence for the UK.



There will be equal party-political broadcast times for all registered political parties.


Drug addiction

There will be support for parents who suffer from drug addictions with a system to ensure that bills are paid and that food is purchased for the benefit of the child and the parent.



There will be no more prison schools where children are locked behind steel doors. Education will be in place to fulfil its purpose of educating individuals to improve lives.


We cannot have an education system that continues to be dysfunctional in its inspection and operation.


Parents will have the power to choose which institution their child attends to receive childcare and/or education. The funds for each child will follow them through the education system.



There will be accountability for companies who unduly charged for community amenities including gas and electricity. There will be options for the community to take control of their personal use of gas and electricity by using renewable energy sources. Incentives will be drawn down to support this efficient use of energy.



Everything will be recycled in this country and will be put back into use within other products. There will be a separate task force for the environment to oversee this so that the public receives value for money. Any products that are not working will cease.


Fair society

The Yeshua Party will create a fairer society founded upon Biblical principles where individuals are not judged and are given a choice. Communities and corporations will be held accountable for their actions.



There will be support for family homes.

There will be support for job loss within a marriage.

Single parents will receive financial support for a child and there will be tighter inspections to ensure that the money is spent on that child.

Parents will receive support for the benefit of the child and the parent.



Home grown foods will be encouraged.  

The practice of agriculture will help to reduce the carbon footprint of goods being transported around the world.

Children will be taught agriculture and good ways of managing the land.

Agricultural skills will be disseminated to other countries in order to make the world a fairer place, to end hunger and obesity, not just in the UK but around the world.

There will be an exchange of farmers and the farm land will be distributed equally. This will be a better investment as everyone can have access to livestock and food.

There will be food cooperatives where individuals will be encouraged to grow food.


There will be community plots where individuals who are not using their gardens will be able to voluntarily allow the community to use their garden to grow and monitor food.


Funding for ministries and good causes.

The lottery must simplify the good causes that they support and distribute funds equally.



Hospitals will be held accountable to community groups. 

There will be no more importing of health professionals including Doctors and Nurses to save costs. 

There will be free medical training to spread care around the world.




People in the UK will be guaranteed accommodation.

Married couples will be guaranteed a place to live.

There will be a flat-rate tax system to create a fair society.




There will be an enquiry into HS2 to compare it's viability with the rise in autonomous vehicles which could replace large infrastructure developments. Technology has moved on from trains and trams.  Individuals will be treated as individuals for the common good.




There will be incentives for manufacturing of goods within local communities. Jobs will be brought back to the UK with the return of the manufacturing industry.


Development of items such as washing machines, dishwashers and consumables will be brought to the UK.


Start-up grants will be available for remanufacturing services which make use of broken parts and bring broken/ old goods back into service. This will reduce the waste that can be found in landfills. Items such as bikes, cars and any goods that can be modified for reuse will be reused.


There will be enterprise zones for young people to take part in apprenticeships and gain skills that can be used for industry.

Retirees will be welcomed to use their engineering skills for recreational purposes and to support the next generation.


Machines such as Wind Turbines will be used to support the manufacturing industry and will also be made in the UK. This will create a jobs boost within the UK.

Legal System

The legal system will be optimised by protecting whistle-blowers.


Ineffective public bodies such as the local ombudsman will be replaced by the choice of the victims. Victims will have the authority to put together an enquiry team of their choice who will investigate their cases. Major concerns will be brought to Parliament and the investigation authorities of choice will have the power to enforce recommendations as an act of justice.


Police Brutality

When a police officer is suspected of brutality, they will be taken off-duty immediately without pay and the case will be investigated. They will receive the correct sanction according to the outcome of the investigation with the highest order being life imprisonment.


Before joining the police force, each officer will have to take out their own insurance, if they can’t get their own insurance then they can’t join the force. During an instance of investigation, the officer will have to fight their own case out of that insurance fund.



Where financial institutions have done wrong it is up to them to contact the victims directly. They will be monitored by an independent organisation to ensure that they are doing their job correctly and will have to answer to the Government. They will have to bare the costs of finding the victims and the costs of the compensation. They will also have to distribute a written letter of apology and a letter of admission.


Whistle blowers will be protected.


This is a measure to stop a whole nation from being harassed by PPI companies which cause great stress and take a great commission from financial pay-outs.



We encourage the route of counselling rather than abortion.

Individuals will receive the biblical knowledge of what they do.


Public Enquiry

There will be a public vote system to establish a public enquiry. The voting system will not exclude people with minor convictions.

Where undercover criminality takes place within the public enquiry, those who have been involved in such crimes will be encouraged to reveal how institutions may have been involved in sustaining the crimes where applicable.


Public Services

The infrastructure and control railways need to be taken out of the hands of operators who are not running it efficiently. A consumer watchdog will be set up to oversee the efficiency. This will be run by citizens who use the services.


Any public services such as railways, Royal Mail and the NHS that are not meeting the needs of the people will be scrutinised by a separate Government task force that will intervene and cause the service to run efficiently. This will ensure that the community benefits.


There will be a ratio and a cap on profits for large corporations so that the majority of funds are sown back into the infrastructure the organisations rather than used on bonuses and shares.


Shareholders will have the right to veto organisations that are not meeting requirements. Organisations that are working inefficiently must go through scrutiny by an independent voluntary body chosen by vote by the public.



In the Bible, racism is the devils work and a way to divide each other. Yeshua (Jesus) died so that we can show love and kindness to each other in His name. When we come together, we are whole, there is no racism when we are all together in Christ.

We will promote equality. If a situation arises where someone is racist, they will have to pay compensation. Officials within public office will have to take out insurance and compensate the victim if racism occurs. Where a racist action inflicts harm or death on another individual then the perpetrator will have to face criminal and financial charges and the correct sentence to fit the crime. All assets will be ceased.



There will be support within a home where a child is at minor risk but where the risk can be eliminated.


There will be more rigorous standards of investigation and harsher consequences to false allegations. There are current flaws that enable people to falsely accuse others of criminal activity without any real evidence. There is a revenge culture that is sustained by inadequate investigation processes and this needs to stop. This disturbs the child and leads to family breakdown.


Secret Courts

Secret courts which hear only one side of a case will be prohibited.


Social Housing

Housing with onsite care staff and communal areas will be provided for those who cannot cope with independent living. This is to prevent the loneliness and lack of support that often leads to homelessness. Many people cannot cope alone with paying bills and managing their own accommodation.


This will also support people with drug addictions, mental health problems or anxiety. Bills will be paid and by the unit and dispensed equally. Each Social Housing Unit will be responsible for financial management and the care of the individuals in their care.


Clients will be listened to and cared for. This will be regulated by local government.


Social Media

Any social media platform will be responsible for the conduct of the users and the content produced. It is the responsibility for social media platform owners to monitor the platform and they will be held accountable for misbehaviour that may occur from the misuse of the platform e.g. if an incident happens at a house party that was advertised on social media, incidents of grooming, pornography etc. Platform owners must make it their responsibility to work closely with the police to pass on information to reduce the crime rate. There will be heavy penalties for the cost of policing their platform where mismanagement occurs.


Any social media developers will have to put strategies in place to monitor the platform. Tax payers should not have to pay for damage to persons or property that occurs as a result of the misuse of social media.


Social Mobility

An equality task force will be introduced to ensure that all ethnic groups are evenly represented. This will challenge all institutions and ensure a level playing field in examinations and marking.



There will be start-up opportunities for micro-farming in spaces where land is not being utilised effectively including: canal banks, derelict land etc.


Perimeter fencing and CCTV will be provided to prevent crime to animals and property.


There will be start-up support for the slaughtering of animals. There will be mobile abattoirs where individuals will have the opportunity to slaughter animals and lock up their equipment. This data will be stored on a secure computer system.


Anyone found defrauding the system will lose their licence to own animals. This system will reduce food costs and open up economic opportunities for the local community.



Water will be paid by the state in order to benefit the community and to reduce the monopoly that water boards currently have.  


Where water infrastructure has not been maintained then water companies will have to pay for the cost of the maintenance and damage to persons and properties.


The Bank of England is not fit for purpose. It has left the country unprotected financially, it’s failed to regulate the market including the stock market where there has been dysfunctional and over-profiteering. The regulatory bodies of the financial market have left the British people destitute and in poverty, allowing systems to bankrupt the county i.e. standing charges on water, gas and electricity, high tariffs on data and wireless access etc.


There will be regulation for drug companies and other external services that are making excessive profits by high corrupt prices or are being evasive in their procedures will be regulated.


There has been a failure to regulate and cap salaries and bonuses that have been corrosive to the economy. Any salary increase will be based on a percentage that will be accessible for all workers.


The Bank of England systems will be disbanded and an ideal system for the British people will be introduced. This will prevent companies from ripping pensions off i.e. BHS, Thomas Cook, Woolworths, Carillion etc.


There will be a functioning financial Ombudsman service that can enforce a criminal charge process. There will be investigation into the mortgage crisis where we are seeing the aftermath on the street but no charges have been brought.


There will be inquiries into high level corruption.


British jobs will be brought back i.e. wind farming , car manufacturing and long term guarantees will have to be in place to provide secure jobs. There will be penalties for employers who leave people unemployed.


NHS has mangers that can’t manage hence why patients are not being treated and Doctors are not being paid enough and are not trained in the UK. There would be a stop to student Doctors working over 37 hours per week. There would be immediate training for people in UK who want to be trained as Doctors and medical professionals. Those courses would be free so that more people can be trained into the market.


Drug companies and other external services that are making excessive profits by high corrupt prices or which are being evasive in their procedures will be regulated.