Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Yeshua mean?

A. Yeshua is the Hebrew word for ‘Jesus'.  The actual name means Saviour or Deliverer.

Q. What is your stance on police brutality?

A. When a police officer is suspected of brutality, they will be taken off-duty immediately without pay and the case will be investigated. They will receive the correct sanction according to the outcome of the investigation with the highest order being life imprisonment.


Before joining the police force, each officer will have to take out their own insurance, if they can’t get their own insurance then they can’t join the force. During an instance of investigation, the officer will have to fight their own case out of that insurance fund.

Q. What is your stance on racism?

A. In the Bible, racism is the devils work and a way to divide each other. Yeshua (Jesus) died so that we can show love and kindness to each other in His name. When we come together, we are whole, there is no racism when we are all together in Christ.


We will promote equality. If a situation arises where someone is racist, they will have to pay compensation. Officials within public office will have to take out insurance and compensate the victim if racism occurs. Where a racist action inflicts harm or death on another individual then the perpetrator will have to face criminal and financial charges and the correct sentence to fit the crime. All assets will be ceased.

Q. How will you address jobs, training and education young people?

A. Please see our detailed manifesto.

Q. How will you address social mobility for black boys?

A. An equality task force will be introduced to ensure that all ethnic groups are evenly represented. This will challenge all institutions and ensure a level playing field in examinations and marking.

Q. How will you support people who are in debt?

A. Criminal charges will be brought against organisations which deliberately defraud through financial services and products. All goods and products must have a guarantee that they will work for a minimum of 5 years or manufacturers must absorb the cost to fix or replace the product. This will help low income families who often get placed into dept because of corporate fraud.

Q. Where do you stand on the environment, railways, mail services and the NHS?

A. Everything will be recycled in this country and will be put back into use within other products. There will be a separate task force for the environment to oversee this so that the public receives value for money. Any products that are not working will cease.


The infrastructure and control railways need to be taken out of the hands of operators who are not running it efficiently. A consumer watchdog will be set up to oversee the efficiency. This will be run by citizens who use the services.


Any public services such as railways, Royal Mail and the NHS that are not meeting the needs of the people will be scrutinised by a separate Government task force that will intervene and cause the service to run efficiently. This will ensure that the community benefits.


There will be a ratio and a cap on profits for large corporations so that the majority of funds are sown back into the infrastructure the organisations rather than used on bonuses and shares.

Shareholders will have the right to veto organisations that are not meeting requirements. Organisations that are working inefficiently must go through scrutiny by an independent voluntary body chosen by vote by the public.


Q. Is this party based on religion?

A. No the party is not based on religion, it is based on values that can be found in the Holy Bible. Every political party is based on a set of values that its members choose to agree with. The founding members of Yeshua agree that the 10 Commandments are good laws that have stood the test of time and when adopted, they positively serve the lives of the people who choose to live by them. Whilst the Commandments are found in the Bible, many of them are engrained within the laws that govern countries across the modern world. The framework of these laws is chosen first and foremost for their value, not because of their religious connotations.


Q. How will Yeshua cater for the needs of religious and non-religious people?

A. We are a Bible believing party and the Bible is clear that we must respect all people. Like the Good Samaritan, we help everyone.


Q. Why have you mixed religion with politics?

A. We have not mixed religion and politics. The Bible is filled with politics. Yeshua (Jesus) changed laws i.e. John 8. God has given us the Bible to show us how we should live and the basis of all laws.  


Q. What is your Manifesto?

A. Our Manifesto is based on the values of the Bible.  See manifesto. 


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