New book to be released – ‘Racism within education.’

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Colin has over 25 years of experience within the field of education.



Colin Rankine is a Politician from Wednesbury, Sandwell in the West Midlands, England. He was raised within the Friar Park area. He has led an exciting, multi-skilled and varied career with its roots within the food industry.  Starting out as a caterer, Rankine later excelled himself when working as an advisor on a number of Public Health reports including E. coli and BSE when the outbreaks were rife.

Rankine also excelled within his educational career where he was awarded the Governor’s Prize for Bolton University. He achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in the area of Business Administration which is complemented with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and later became a qualified examiner, working for English and Welsh boards for over 10 years. During this role, he converted several international papers to the English and Welsh language.


Rankine has worked up and down the country as a Meat Inspector, a Technician, a Teacher and within his current roles as a Party Leader, Head Teacher, Pastor, Activist and Speaker.


Rankine speaks several foreign languages that have aided his work to date.  Concerned with racism and the overall state of the education system, in 2010 he embarked on the journey of starting his own Christian Primary School. It was through this important work that he noticed a disconnect between the systems that govern the country and a lack of Biblical teachings to set a correct moral framework from the Bible which then prompted him to do something about it. He particularly seeks to address the rampant racism that exists within the education system, recognising that without this change, there is no way that equality can be enhanced for anyone from a minority background. He also wants to address social-economic disparities and injustice that affects pupils from a poorer background.  


In 2017 Rankine embarked on his political journey where he stood as an independent candidate within the General Election.


In 2018 he started Yeshua, the Christian party that he leads to this day. He has since stood as a candidate within several elections under Yeshua including local elections as well as the General Election in December 2019.


As well as this, Colin Rankine is recognised as one of the prominent voices for the homeless within the West Midlands. He has won several awards for his contributions and has been acknowledged across national news for his resilient campaign for the rights of society’s most vulnerable people.