YESHUA is a Christian political party for people who want to stand for justice.

This is a unique opportunity for you to support a political party that is concerned with the masses. 

There is great concern for justice within schools, the justice system, the housing system and the prison system.  Knife crime is on the rise and lives are in danger. 

UNITE and STAND for what you believe in.


Colin Rankine is a prospective Candidate to become the next West Midlands Mayor, Police and Crime Commissioner and Prime Minister. 

Press release for West Midlands Mayor -Yeshua party: 

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Campaigning for:

-      Schools who are educating children of all races from poor economic backgrounds to receive equal treatment as those who are affluent.

-      Pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds who are being disproportionately excluded.

-      Victims of the Windrush generation to be given legal rights to remain in the UK and to become British Citizens where that status has not been awarded. To date, only a handful have received any compensation.

-      Coordinated, correct social housing and allocating existing yet vacant houses to homeless.

-      The end to social housing being built on contaminated land.

-      The building or utilising of liveable homes as opposed to hostels.

-      The scrapping of service charges in hostels as occupants are already paying high levels of rent.

-      More community cohesion events where all members of the community are included.

-      A knowledge base where members of the community get together and discuss historical as well as current events and trends that will support the vitality of the community.

-       The ability of individual council tax payers to receive compensation when bins are not collected and other council services are not carried out.

-      The ability for citizens to claim back the rubbish disposal and to be able to opt out of the rubbish disposal system and have the opportunity to take their own rubbish to the tip and enjoy reduced council tax as a result.

-      Credit files to not be linked to the electoral roll.  This will enable people to receive bank accounts and will enable the poorest of people to be able to vote.

-      Parents with children who have EHC plans to have the right to determine where their child is educated.

-      Parents to have the option to opt-out of decisions that the council has made for their children and to have a say as to where educational funds are going for their children.

-      The end to the rudimentary fining of parents who desire to take their children on holiday during term time. There will be special clauses for health and benefits where the family has suffered loss or trauma and need a break.

-      The necessity to report and remove racism from institutions who enable racism through unfair practice i.e. Ofsted covered up racial abuse within the playground. Also the Home Office, the Department for Education and city councils.

-      Reduced pollution levels by promoting eco-friendly vehicles and taxing individuals or companies who are emitting high levels of pollution.  There will also be an incentives scheme where commuters to high-polluted areas are given funds to purchase electric vehicles.  

-      A probe into the need for HS2 and consideration of the pollution levels used to implement and maintain the service.

-      Opportunities for manufacturers abroad to utilise brownfield land and come/return to the UK to carry out their services as a way to boost the UK economy.  This will also help to break up potential ghettos of social housing.

-      A living wage that matches the standard of living for people in the area.

-      Industries to create employment opportunities in areas where there are high levels of unemployment.

-      The opening of a system where home schooling parents can draw down funds that would have been used to pay a mainstream school, to instead be used to rent church and community halls and purchase equipment and books for their home school groups.  This would create more prospects for the children.

-      The opening of 24 hour Christian services to relieve councils.  Leaders of these services will be given priority to accommodate empty buildings and buildings will be staffed by the religious organisation and monitored so that homeless people of all backgrounds can have a safe place to go to and seek refuge from the streets.  Holistic, coordinated services will also be in place within the buildings to support the needs of the homeless including medical, social services, drug prevention services, counsellors etc.

-      All empty buildings to be taxed whether they have a roof or not in order to encourage occupancy.

-      All police officers to be suspended without pay if more than four allegations are made against them within a 6 month period.  This will reduce the level of deaths in police custody and wrongful arrests.

-      All ambulance crews to be set a minimum time of 10 minutes to assess any patient on the streets in a life-threatening condition and to have a minimum time to reach the nearest hospital to enable the patient to be seen by medical professionals.

-      No medical patients to be released from hospital without having accommodation. All patients must be released to an address with transport provided.

-      A bank of volunteer taxi drivers consisting of members of the general public to take patients to an address.  They will be vetted by the hospital.

-      Funds to be allocated to organisations that are actively working with the homeless.

-      Industries to engage with citizens who are long term unemployed, living with a long term illness or who have a disability and want to work.

-      West Midlands to become the primary region for innovation.

-      UK citizens to be given preferential treatment to be trained as medical doctors, nurses, IT professionals and to receive training within professions that have been habitually occupied by non UK citizens.  This is to reduce the ‘brain-drain’ of human resources for other countries that have been exploited by the UK.

-      Universities to be given grants to educate UK citizens as a priority.

-      The banking system to improve and reduce bureaucracy which is obstructive to the UK economy. For Credit Unions to ease the application process.  For the Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority to improve their policies and change the way that they regulate credit unions. It has been found that their methods prevent low income credit unions from starting and helping citizen in need of the service. They are also preventing people from borrowing their own money which has been saved.  I.e. A credit union that wants to set up to help people to save their own money should be able to do so without heavy expenses. This would enable citizens to save and invest their own money to help others where necessary.

-      Clothing banks where items such as school clothing and white goods (i.e. overalls) are recycled at a central point.  

-      Electronic goods such as appliances, vehicles and computers to be repaired at local centres to encourage recycling, reduce the number of items going into landfill and enable people to purchase such goods.  The centres will also be training hubs for individuals to learn how to repair and sell electronics.  

-      Centres for food which will stop food waste from going into landfill. The implementation and regular use of allotments will also help to reduce the carbon footprint caused by vehicles as citizens will be able to buy goods such as vegetables locally. This will help to boost the local economy.

-      The suspension and investigations into police misconduct.  Where there is a death in custody there will be robust procedures in place and a taskforce set up to enforce the immediate suspension of any officer or official linked to the death.  I.e. where the death is linked to physical restraint.  Severe consequences will be put in place for officers who have a long history of racial aggression towards people of colour within communities. The taskforce will be set up within the community to address incidents of this nature.

-      The removal of the competitive tendering process as it is unfair, it is not competitive and is not value for money.

-      A closer look into the ‘preferred bidder’ system where currently organisations who are contracted by the council as preferred bidders are known to be putting employees at a disadvantage where employees are not paid correctly. There will be a complaints system set up to protect employees who are subject to low pay and long hours.

-      Community awards to be introduced and carried out in an equal way. Award winners will not only be able to access funding, but they will be given preferential treatment and will be able to claim incentives such as free cinema tickets, free parking, spar days etc.

-      Incentives for Head Teachers, people working within community centres, libraries etc. Those who are living and working within the community who are going over and beyond will receive incentives such as vehicle allowances and free parking as their work does not stop during ‘business hours’.   This will also encourage community leaders to live and work within the same community. This will not be applicable for people who own more than one home.

-      Institutions to acknowledge institutional racism and religious bigotry. Ofsted will be of paramount concern.

-      Central government to opt-out of Ofsted as an inspection body for children because as a direct result of their policies we have seen an increase in knife crime, gun crime, depression, suicide amongst young people etc. Child-care providers and education establishments are subject to a report-driven, stress-inducing way of working which is evidently leaving children and adults under unnecessary pressure. Many are unheard, unappreciated and Ofsted’s systems are not fit for purpose and have to be stopped. The grading of educational establishments that do not allow the children to read and write is unjust, and there is a biased educational system where some schools do not allow teachers to teach the Bible.  This is unacceptable as the Queen who is the head of this country is the defender of the faith, yet we are saying that an inspectorate that is endorsed by the Queen is happy for children to not learn the Bible.  This should be overturned.

-      Religious freedom and for people to be able to worship freely.  There needs to be protection for Christian beliefs. There seems to be protection and religious freedom for all other religions and beliefs except for Christianity and this needs to stop.  The amount of schools that are not allowed to teach the Bible is appalling.

-      Educational establishments and parents to opt-out of teaching relationships and sex education (RSE) to children.  With the increase in mental illness because of the Ofsted policies, it is not acceptable for a child to be learning about subject matters that do not concern them. There is no need for children to define their gender and be put under such pressure at Primary School age.  

-      Funds to fight for Windrush members, children who have been excluded, people who are getting their benefits stopped, free legal aid (redress for the poor), people in sub-standard accommodation etc.

-      An investigation into the correlation between large fees paid to outside consultants and Ofsted outstanding schools.

-      People to donate to help the poor i.e. homeless.

-      The investigation of HS2 and the councils to ensure that there is no corruption.

-      The recovery of funds from Carillion and other large institutions that have taken tax-payers money.

-      All people to have access to their own bank account.

-      No-one to have their benefit stopped until after it has been appealed and at no cost to the claimant.  They will have access to free legal aid.

-      Funds to be used to help children who are caught up in corrupt council services. Children who are fostered or adopted must have a voice to reveal potential dangers such as sexual exploitation and inter-agency corruption including the passing on of children to different councils across the country.

-      The abolishment of hidden courts that are used to the detriment of the children.

-      The rights for pensioners.  Individuals who have had their pensions reduced or lost will be given a voice to expose fraudulent pension schemes.

-      The reduction of the pension age to 60. This will be paid for by the recovery of any proceeds of crime, huge profits from the stock market, by any bonus payments, tax incentives and tax breaks for the rich. Anyone over 60 will be given guaranteed accommodation.

-      The correct allocation of funds i.e. overpayments for utilities to be returned to the customers.  Ensuring the allocation of funds gained from taxes are actually spent on the intended purpose i.e. funds gained from vehicle tax actually gets spent on the roads.

-      A look into the inefficiencies of council departments i.e. over-bureaucracy which prevents companies from getting started.

-      Investigation into banks and loan companies that rip-off young companies with high interest rates.

-      No bonuses to be paid to stock market shareholders.  They will only be able to be paid on dividends that make money.  If they have lost money they will not be paid bonuses.

-      No bonuses from any company to be paid to anyone until all employees and suppliers have been paid first. There will be a freeze on bonuses until staff and suppliers have been paid first within a company.

-      Facebook to return funds to small charities.


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